we tackle one of the most urgent

we tackle one of the most urgent

global development challenges


Aqulytics is a cloud-based platform to help governments, businesses, NGOs and communities, track and protect freshwater resources with the use of big data analytics and participative monitoring technologies. We digitize and consolidate public historic data on water quantity and quality, while providing our users with an all-encompassing tool to monitor water sources and ensure compliance with national and international standards.

We are committed to the protection and sustainability of water, and support the monitoring of wastewater and industrial discharges drilling down on physical, chemical, biological and organoleptic parameters. Our participatory monitoring features are ideal for brokering partnerships between the industry, government and communities in support of improving access and quality of freshwater sources.

We help our users digitalize and integrate their water monitoring records into a big data platform that processes and analyzes data-- drawing insights from multiple sources including health data, climate change, and natural disasters. We also provide technology solutions for real-time data collection on mobile technologies in the field. All of our records are encrypted and can only be access through a secure API supporting two factor authentication.



Aqulytics is a secure platform that manages public and private data on the quality, quantity and use of freshwater sources, allowing companies to gather strategic insights and analysis on the state of water.



Our objective is to provide governments with an all-encompassing tool to monitor water sources and ensure businesses comply with national standards, while providing historic and national outlooks on water quantity and quality trends.


Universities & NGOs

Our collaborative platform allows the Academia, NGOs, Foundations and Communities, to input and store data on the quality of water, including physical, chemical, biological and organoleptic parameters.


Aqulytics, Inc. at Techstars Sustainability 2018
16, July

DENVER, CO – Aqulytics joins the 2018 class of the Techstars Sustainability program in partnership with The Nature Conservancy. Full article on Techstars.com

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WRI – Thirsting for Justice
12, August

The World Resources Institute released their latest report Thirsting for Justice – Transparency and Poor People’s Struggle for Clean Water in Indonesia, Mongolia, and Thailand Read more at WRI

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Aqulytics Brochure – English & Spanish
02, June
Aqulytics has released the latest update to our brochures in both English and Spanish. Download both versions below: Aqulytics Brochure English Aqulytics Brochure Español
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