Collaborative Monitoring Initiative

We nurture collaboration for the sustainable use of water, championing open and transparent data
throughout the globe.

As part of our Collaborative Monitoring Initiative, has built a collaborative platform called AQULYTICS COMMUNITY with the purpose of empowering community organizations with the ability to input valuable data into a central resource easily sharable with multiple stakeholders. We also providing options for field data collection through the use of mobile technologies that support real-time qualitative data input.

Our open data platform gives Academia, NGOs, Foundations, Communities and others, a valuable free resource to determine and track the quality of water, including physical, chemical, biological and organoleptic parameters. Our platform provides users with access to analytical tools to translate water records into  reports data visualization charts, and understand insights relating to the health, change and evolution of freshwater resources.

Access to AQULYTICS COMMUNITY is free of charge for qualifying community organizations. Please fill out the form below to get started