“Reducing water pollution and extending clean water access to the billions of people drinking dirty water will take political will, trust, and collective action. Success can be built on a foundation of strong transparency”.

Our product is tailored to meet the needs of governments. We provide a cloud based software solution to generate insights and analysis on water quantity, quality and use; generating alerts when parameter values near established limits.

We also help our clients digitize, codify, and integrate their water monitoring records into a big data platform that hosts multi-variable historic data. Our current version offers:

Access to secure dashboard containing

  • Up-to-date water measurements.
  • Overview map of all monitoring points.
  • List of sanctions, complaints and applied fines.
  • Up-to-date public data.
  • All measurements for each monitor points, including maps containing all data.
  • List of all environmental legacies.
  • Analyze parameter limits based on national and international standards.
  • Water quality issues dashboard and custom alerts.

We are committed to environmental sustainability and the protection of water resources. Our services support national water authorities to supervise the impact of wastewater and industrial discharges on ecosystems and nearby communities while analyzing and drilling down on physical, chemical, biological and organoleptic water parameters.

Aqulytics has also developed participatory water monitoring tools. Our technological platform and patented algorithms allow governments to integrate supplementary information (public health records) to assess impact of water sources over people and ecosystems.